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Hello it’s Agustín and Esteban Rubini here...

We personally look forward to you joining us in this amazing journey 

Angel Investor School is a unique institution where top angel investors come together to teach and share how to invest in early-stage startups in the emerging technologies space. Our line-up includes more than 30 high-profile ambassadors, speakers, super-angels and VCs, who share their main tips and strategies for successful investments.

The world needs more business angels! Although angel investing carries a very high degree of risk, becoming an angel investor offers the potential of high investment returns, portfolio diversification, a lot of fun, as well as a chance to give back for accomplished professionals. Angel Investor School is inspired to teach people how to learn this art.

What is the Angel Investor School Ambassador Community?

It is a group of experienced and successful angels and members of the startup investing world that share their wisdom with our knowledge hungry community. They help explain trends, specific industries, geographies, and technical topics. They generously contribute to our community by giving feedback and insight into developments around early stage investing.

Why join AIS Ambassador Community?

Our ambassadors like being key members of one of the top angel investing educational institutions in the world.

By being AIS Ambassadors, angels join a group of top talented individuals and are invited to join networking events and other activities that our paid members receive.

You are helping us produce top notch content, which allows us to grow our business and further develop the community of new and aspiring angel investors. As a significant percentage of our profits is destined to charitable causes, you are contributing to this goal as well.

What is the time committment ?

Our ambassadors commit as much or as little time as it suits them. As an introduction, we record a content session, based on a topic that our audience is hungry for and one in which the ambassador excels. This is a relaxed session which we will edit to a high quality level and then share with our audience. There may also be live (online) sessions with our community to be arranged when they suit the ambassador best.

Does it sound like something you want to a be part of?

Let’s schedule a call so that we can get to know each other and get you on board. We can’t for you to join us!

Who are Agustín and Esteban Rubini?

Agustín and Esteban Rubini are the founders of TopPitchDeck, one of the best consulting services when it comes to pitch decks and startup financing.

They have been angel investors and worked in many companies and banks before staring Angel Investor School. They know the audience and have gathered an impressive lineup of speakers for the audience to enjoy. 

They have helped many startups along the way and have embarked on this project to successfully train new angel investors, something the industry desperately needs.

If you have ANY questions, please contact us at info@angelinvestorschool.com and we will get you what you need.

Thank You for your support. We look forward to a successful relationship and to grow Angel Investor School even further with you by our side!

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