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Angel Fundamentals - October 1st, 2020

Kick Off

The Rubini Brothers

Being an Angel Investor in 2020

We will cover the best reasons for being an angel investor in this new decade. From the fascinating world of startups to the potential of being one of those early-backers of unicorns.


Fabrice Grinda

Co-founder at FJ Labs

What does it feel like to be a SuperAngel? The best secrets of how to successfully grow your portfolio, your image, and become a reference in your chosen niche. Fabrice will share his secrets and how he managed to position himself as the top angel investor in Forbes’ ranking.


Gokul Rajaram

Super Angel and Investor

The best way to spread your wings like an angel is to learn from the top experts. Investors can become angels for a number of reasons. From networking, to feeling they are changing the world by supporting new ideas and technologies, Gokul will take us through some of the most important reasons we find and need more angel investors.


Martin Varsavsky

Founder of VAS Ventures

Being an serial entrepreneur and a serial investor can give you the best tools to further understand founders and startups, and focus on the important issues to raise. We dive into the subject of meeting founders and how founders interact with angel investors. We also touch upon some of the most relevant business topics that are on everyones mind today and what the potential for businesses will be in the near future.


Susan L Preston

Managing member at SeaChange Fund

It is a fact that there are not enough women angel investors. We look into the subject with an expert in angel investing and true believer that the industry should do more in attracting diverse talent. We also take the opportunity to dig into some legal concepts as Susan is a renowned attorney and has written one of the most important books when it comes to angel investing finance.


Pejman Nozad


Some angels have grown from zero, with passion and hard work, combined with the ability to take risks. We will dig into one of the most inspirational stories of how anyone can succeed and become a great angel investor. Listening to Pejman’s story will inspire you to better yourself and push hard in your business, no matter what the odds against you look like.


Shruti Gandhi

Columbia University Professor and Founder Array Ventures

Diving into angel investing with your eyes wide open is one of Shruti’s main recommendations. By no means angel investing is an easy and straightforward task. Join us to hear the true stories and complexities behind angel investing. This will better prepare you to enter this exciting journey!


Joo Seng Wong

Venture Partner, Vickers Venture Partners

It is not easy to be an angel investor and deal with the volatility, the long-term investments and the passion to help startups. But it can be massively rewarding, both personally and financially. We analyse with Joo Seng the most important aspects of what it takes to become an angel, and look into whether the person has what it takes to make it.

Angel Networking & Adding Value - October 2nd, 2020


Brad Feld

MD Foundry Grupo & Co-Founder Techstars

How do startup communities work? What are their main advantages? How can angel investors tip their toes in the best upcoming startups? How can angels contribute to the growth of these startups? This and many more tips from one of the most knowledgeable investors in startups.


Dan Scheinman

SuperAngel and 1st investor in Zoom

Picking outliers is a complicated art developed over time and over many experiences. Dan will share his secrets and best techniques to identify the best founders and opportunities, as well as share his experience in actively contributing to startup life from the Board of Directors. His insights will reveal how these Boards work, what their value add is, and how you can get access to them.


Bill Morrow

Founder at Angels Den

It may sound obvious but sourcing the right deals and getting access to the best startups implies an important effort in networking. Syndicates, clubs and angel networks are on the rise, but signing up is just the start. Our chat with Bill will make it easier to see how clubs really work and why they are so important. We will also pick Bill’s brain to get insights of how to talk to founders.


Ullas Naik

Founder and GP Streamlined Ventures

Former angels describe the process and differences between early stage investing from an individual angel to being a part of an institutional VC fund, focusing on process and responsibilities, as well as the potential for a career move.


Eneko Knorr

Founder of AngelClub

Co-investing and being part of a group of like minded individuals is key and can potentially open doors to great investments. Creating your own brand after that may slingshot you to be recognised as a reference in your niche. It takes effort and perseverance, but ultimately is one of the most important aspects of being a great angel and getting access to the best deals in your sector. Learn with Eneko what are the best tools and tips are.


Anthony Thomson

Serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder 86 400

Angel investors may take very different roles within a startup they decide to invest in. From mentors and advisors to members of the board of directors, each role will have a specific function within the startup. It is important to know what the differences between these are and how they interact with the founders of the company to drive the success of the business.


Alinka Rutkowska

CEO Leaders Press

One of the key aspects of angel investing is being able to select the best deals. But getting to these best deals is no easy task. Founders, and especially the best ones will prioritise smart money. This means they will always choose the most knowledgeable angels. By writing a book about their achievements and their career, angels will be able to differentiate themselves and enhance their personal brand, thus generating more and better deal flow.

Evaluating Startups - October 3rd, 2020


David Cohen

Co-Founder and MP at Techstars

Analysing early stage startups can be challenging, especially when there is not much track record or documentation available. In these cases due diligence can have a narrow scope and limited application. However, a proper due diligence can render excellent results and discover hidden issues or great potential. David will help us run through the most important documents and questions to ask when looking at investing in early stage startups.


Alexander Jarvis

Founder of 50Folds

As angels, it is imperative that we understand the basics of financial models, underlying assumptions and revenue forecasts. Although for an idea-stage startup the information will be scarce, we need to know and discover the thought process behind each metric and revenue forecast. Alex does a great job in demystifying some of the most tabu questions for startups.


Dan Martell

SaaS Expert Angel

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most active and expanding sectors in the world right now. The world is changing at an ever increasing pace and SaaS companies are leading the charge in many aspects. Learn how a master in the SaaS space advises, pitches, invests and exits SaaS companies.


Laurel Touby

Managing Director Supernode Ventures

Pitch-decks are the calling card and main presentation vehicle for many startups. Angels need to learn how to quickly and effectively distinguish a good startup by analysing its initial deck, and be able to grasp a feeling for the potential success of the company.


Paloma Cabello

Angel & Alternative Investment Specialist

Startups go through different stages as they grow up, attracting different participants and implying different kinds of risks. It is imperative angels know where they want to enter in order to have a consistent strategy. Moreover, knowing when to exit as the company grows becomes a key challenge as the initial strategy may be put to a test.


John Colley

Digital Business Builder

90% of startups usually fail. However, there are many common reasons why a startup does not succeed, some of which are easy to avoid. As an angel, one needs to be aware of those pitfalls before they invest, but also keep in mind that their help as an angel may be the reason a startup avoids the valley of death. We will learn why startups fail and what can be done to avoid failure in pre-investment stages as well as post-investment.

Portfolio Management - October 4th, 2020


Jason Seats

CIO at Techstars

When you build your angel portfolio from scratch there are several things you need to be aware of in order to be successful. Having an investment thesis as well as a good diversification strategy is what will ultimately allow you to gain experience and returns.


Anthony Rose

Founder & CEO SeedLegals

Early stage startup has evolved and thanks to companies such as SeedLegals the need for complex documents and expensive attorneys has been dramatically reduced. In this session we will explore the benefits of some new tools and how data is innovating in the realm of legal documents and discussions between founders and investors. We also dig into the intricacies of certain tax rules that may be fundamental for your investments.


Jonathan Abrams

Co-founder Founders Den and 8-Bit Capital

As a startup grows, funding rounds become more and more complex. We study the impact on angel investors when it comes to the different funding rounds and what is the best way to position yourself.


Alejandro Cremades

Author and Co-Founder Panthera Advisors

Fundraising is an art and a complex venture for any startup. There are many ways for a new company to look for money and those looking to invest need to know every detail of the offering. From a true expert in the field, we analyse the main fundraising avenues, valuations and what are the essentials angels need to master.


Tom Britton

Co-founder SyndicateRoom

Syndicate investing, and platforms that make it accessible, provide angels with options to diversify and start learning, with potentially great returns on curated deals. These clubs and syndicates will give you the initial tools that as a newcomer to the industry you may need in order to avoid some of the most common mistakes when starting your career as an angel.


Francisco Coronel

Co-founder NXTP Labs

It is important to build and follow a solid investment thesis in order to maximise your chances of success. A thesis can be constructed in many ways and with many variables. But ultimately consistency will play a very important role when building your image, your portfolio and your expertise around startups and the community.

World and Niche Markets - October 5th, 2020


Henri Arslanian

PwC Crypto Head

Cryptos and blockchain are on everyone’s mind since 2016; its evolution has been monumental and its pace unstoppable. Where many see the future, Henri will lead the way in ways to seek and invest in companies which are growing faster than the use of blockchain. Can you keep up?


Andy Freire

Latam Serial Entrepreneur

Great source of Unicorns, Latin America may be the next big theme where necessity, survival and creativity flourish. The difficult political and economic landscape have created a niche in Latam for innovation where people look for creative ways to grow and succeed given the constraints and limitations imposed by tough conditions.


Carlos Blanco

Serial founder

Europe has become a growing source for some of the best startups and unicorns following the American example. Deep dive with Carlos Blanco, a serial entrepreneur, angel and investor which tells us the secrets and most valuable sectors in which to invest, as well as how geographic location is playing an important role in angel investing.


Andres Meta

Head of BIND Bank, Fintech serial investor

Financial services have never been in a better space when it comes to innovation. Regulation, cross-border, mobile payments, cost-efficiencies, the list is endless. Listen to a true bank innovator and fintech serial entrepreneur dive deep into his passion for investing and learning from fintech startups.


Michel Abadi

MP Maverick Ventures Israel

Perhaps some of the biggest competitors to Silicon Valley, Israel has taken one of the top spots when it comes to tech innovation and startups. High-tech startups are emerging constantly from Israel and the drive and passion from these startups is second to none. Join us to lear the basics of Israel and its startup community with Michel.


Hasan Haider

MD 500 Startups MENA

The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is one of the most under-developed regions for startups. New ideas to solve old and recurrent problems are emerging on a daily basis. Join us to listen to Hasan Haider and learn how to tackle this important region. Engage with Hasan, head of 500 Startups as he shares his secrets and his approach that has granted him the tittle of the most active VC fund in the region.


John Michaelis

AI expert advisor

The future is here and machine learning and AI are some of the hottest topics today. Little do we know, machine learning is entering almost every aspect of our lives. Learn how to get access and invest in this fantastic sector.


Zach George

Co-founder & CIO StartupBootcamp

As well as Latam and MENA, Africa is a region where not many have yet ventured. The potential is massive as there are so many problems yet to be solved. Investment in the region is certainly challenging and diving in without proper guidance can be painful (and expensive!). So join us and watch a true expert in the region share his secrets and investment thesis.

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